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EJ Skincare Services


Happy, healthy, beautiful skin.  My goal is to provide an array of personalised treatments for all skin types, designed to produce remarkable and highly visible results, a radiant complexion, and create confidence. I use an organic skin care line (with vegan, nut, soy and gluten free options) est. 1958, which is scientifically proven to create long-term beneficial results. Combined (as necessary) with esthetic devices including an ultrasonic spatula, LED light therapy, gold massage bars and jade rollers or cool therapy globes. All facials are bespoke and all-inclusive (no add-on charges).

Rejuvenating Age Support Facial

Renewal of youth, the state of being or growing young again.

Luxurious and long-lasting anti-aging facial revives the skin, smooths fine lines and targets individual concerns. A customized treatment to accommodate all skin types. Includes cleansing, exfoliation or peel, mask, treatment serums and moisturizers all linked together by an extensive facial, scalp, and arm massage to ease wrinkle-inducing tension.

60 Minutes £55

Polish. Purify. Nourish

The fusion of technology with the beauty of nature.

This transformational facial addressing the key underlying causes of ageing. Combining ultrasonic therapy with botanical enzymes to polish, purify and refine the surface texture. A luxurious facial massage with hot stones followed by hydrating serums and a nourishing treatment mask. Finally LED light therapy used to firm, promote collagen and reclaim your skins youthful glow. A non-invasive, non-aggressive treatment, good for all skin types, that produces immediate results.

75 Minutes £55

Gemstone and Gold

Be prepared for a new skincare experience!

Combining the vibrational energy of gemstones with potent botanicals to connect mind and body. Charcoal cleanser with malachite to wash away impurities, Turmeric and energising citrine gemstones, exfoliate and stimulate, and Camellia glow oil with pink tourmaline nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The ultrasonic gold bar massage  “Irons out” the skin as it lifts and tightens. A transformative facial creating balanced, energised, glowing skin.

75 minutes £55

Luminous C . . . For radiant skin

Giving or emitting light. Shining.

An absolute must for dull lifeless winter skin or post summer sun damage. Combining the super antioxidant powers of Vitamin C with natural skin brighteners to counteract photo aging and promote cellular turnover. Toning apricot massage oils and a brightening mask combine to create a youthful appearance and glow. This unique therapy may also be expanded into a series for optimal results.

75 minutes £55

Massage -Massage Facial

Awaken your spirits to a voyage with scents, sounds and touch.

A facial beyond traditional skincare that combines the harmonizing properties of pure essential oils, hot basalt massage stones, energy healing gemstones, customized aromatic products and the power of touch. This facial de-stresses, rebalances and beautifies at the same time. A thorough cleanse with steam prior to an extensive face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage, indulges your body, mind and spirit, stimulates circulation and releases tension.  A mask and moisturiser complete the treatment, ensuring the ultimate hydrating, de-stressing and relaxing experience.

50 Minutes £45

Simple . . . An acne cleanse.

Not complex or complicated, simply perfect for challenged skin.

No Fuss! No Fluff! Let’s get straight to the point and target your skins needs. Combining the very best of nature with the magic of science to combat acne concerns A thorough double cleanse, anti-inflammatory exfoliating enzyme with ultrasonic therapy to remove dead skin build up and surface oils and a soothing treatment mask, restores balance and gives your complexion a smooth, clean, fresh look. Includes a lesson in skincare. Best results are achieved with regular treatments and an at-home care regime.

50 Minutes £45


Reveal fresh, bright, healthy skin.

A half-hour deep exfoliating treatment to increase cellular turnover, combat fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and acne, or uneven, sun damaged skin. A gentle blend of fruit acids and botanical enzymes are applied to remove dull, damaged surface skin without stressing the skin or resulting in downtime.

30 Minutes £30
A series of 4-6 peels once a week  is recommended to achieve optimum results

Gentlemen’s Facial

Specially formulated for men who like to look and feel their best.

This facial, ideal for all skin types, balances, purifies and restores while addressing the specific challenges of a man’s skin. Warm sandalwood infused towels, steam  and a deep shoulder neck and scalp massage are incorporated to maximize the benefits and induce deep relaxation.

60 Minutes £50


Thai Yoga Massage

Soothing, restorative, profound.

An ancient healing art ideal for emotionally exhausted souls and those in need of nurturing. Thai yoga bodywork has an extraordinary restorative effect on the soul while the body is brought back to a state of awareness and balance. Reduces muscle and joint tension and increases flexibility while the mind is soothed. Often referred to as “The lazy man’s yoga”.

60 Minutes £50

Thai Yoga and Aromatherapy Table Massage

 Relax, stretch, breathe.

A combination of Thai yoga and aromatherapy massage on a heated massage table. A Soothing aromatic massage combined with Thai yoga stretches to relax muscles, balance the body and increase flexibility in shoulder and hip joints.

60 minutes £50

Swedish Massage

Introduce yourself to the world of relaxation.

Long gliding strokes and deep kneading massage techniques relax muscle tension, increase oxygen in the blood, and reduce stress. Apricot oil, high in vitamin A and E, is used to help firm, tone and nourish the skin.

30 minutes £30 Back, shoulders,neck and scalp.
60 minutes £45 Full body

Aromatherapy Massage

“The way to health is to take an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.” Hippocrates

Essential oils are inhaled deeply before being applied to key points using a Swedish style massage technique. Designed to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. An aromatherapy massage creates balance and deep relaxation on the body and mind while supporting the immune system and aiding in detoxification.

60 minutes £45

Hot Stone Massage


Deep heat from hot stones radiates through the muscles to alleviate tension, aches and pains while increasing circulation and lymph to aid the immune system. Let go of daily stress and enjoy the instant warmth and a deeper massage.

60 minutes with aromatherapy oil £50

On-Site Chair Massage


Little Necessities

Target difficult to treat and often ignored areas.

Add to your facial service or schedule as a separate treatment.

Eyes – Acupressure massage and cool therapy globes are combined to reduce puffiness and sinus pressure, an alpha hydroxy acid eye gel and triple action eye mask are applied to firm, smooth and tighten the area.

£15 add on or 20 as a separate service

Neck and Decolletage -Cleansing exfoliation and massage tone, lift and restore elasticity. a rich mask and hydrating moisturiser complete the treatment.

£15 add on or £20 as a separate service 


Eyebrow design – £10.00 (incl. consultation, shaping, tweezing, trimming and calming balm)

Boy Brows £10.00
Lip – £8
Upper and lower lip – £10

Nostrils – £5
Chin cap – £5

Chin cap and neck £10.00
Sides of face/cheeks – £10
Bikini – £15- £30

1/2 leg £15.00

3/4 leg £18

Full leg £22.00

Full leg and Bikini £28.00

Forearms £15.00

Under Arm – £10
Back – £15-£25


Brow Tint £9
Lash Tint £15

Treat your Feet

Foot Massage

Treat your feet.

Exfoliating lower leg and foot scrub with refreshing peppermint infused hot towels prior to an extensive foot massage to relieve tension and relax the foot muscles.

30 mins £25


From ones head to ones feet. 

Relax and escape day-to-day stress with a tension releasing scalp and neck massage (oil optional) and deep kneading foot massage. Chakra gemstones are placed to enhance relaxation and create balance.

40 mins £35